Why attend

Whether you are a client, engineer, contractor or consultant, this event brings together the whole supply chain to discuss and debate the key challenges facing the sector. Bringing you the information you need to know about the latest projects, best practice, and innovations improving efficiency, safety, and sustainability in rail and transit construction and maintenance.

Attending the event will enable you to:

    ✔ Hear updates on the latest projects in the UK

    ✔ Debate major challenges like monitoring and maintenance, decarbonisation, digital engineering and BIM

    ✔ Discover the new innovations and technologies that are making a real impact on the industry

    ✔ Network with likeminded clients and protentional partners across the supply chain

    Who should attend:

    • Consultant engineers
    • Civil engineering contractors
    • Rail owners and operators
    • Government and regulatory bodies
    • Associations and membership groups

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